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There is some great White Water Rafting in Yorkshire. Just contact the great providers below to get involved in a rafting trip in Yorkshire. If you've never rafted before, there are normally easier rafting rivers available, and if you want extra excitement, just ask about the more extreme rafting rivers!

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Activities from £45 per person

Min-age from 12 years (12 if unaccompanied)

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bhote kosi white water river in Nepal

Nepal is a river runners paradise. You are seriously spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing which river to run. In one trip you will experience heart racing rapids, snow capped mountains, isolated villages and unspoiled surroundings. However if you are short of time it can be very confusing as to which river you should choose to run. To help you make that I have listed a few below.

Sun Kosi - River of Gold. 9 days. Grade 4-/5-. Voted by many as one of the Top 10 river in the world, this river gets its name from the Goddess Kaushiki, it is one of the longest trips Nepal has to offer running 8-10 days, depending upon the season through the beautiful Mahabharat range. This is the longest river in Nepal (270km). You start this river only three hours from Kathmandu, near the Tibetan border and end up near the dusty Northern Indian plain in just a week! Most of the rapids are Class III but be prepared as the biggest waves are saved for the last few days, hopefully you'll be working like a well oiled machine by then! A highlight of this trip is the huge waterfall you encounter half way through the river (the best shower of your life!) It's a great way to discover the real Nepal as you meander through remote rice paddies and avoid all the noisy traffic.

Karnali - The Wild West. 10 days. Grade 4/5. Slightly more demanding than the Sun Kosi, this trip is ideal for anyone wanting to raft or experienced...more

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